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An Update

Okay full disclosure, it's been a while since I've written one of these (sorry mom), but I'm going to try my best to stay on top of it now.

After the first three weeks of class/boot camp ended, there was a two week break before classes started again. And honestly, thank God for those two weeks off because today is only the first day of school and I can already tell this is about to be a very, very busy semester.

It's hard to tell if I'm actually nervous and stressed and just strongly in denial or if I'm weirdly confident about this year. I know it won't be an easy year (it is still graduate school after all), but I think after succeeding in the weeks of boot camp, I trust I can do it.

Or at the very least I've just gotten very good at faking it until I make it. Which is also highly possible.

So, yes, on the whole, I'm looking forward to this year. The changes coming with a new schedule and a new job are still intimidating, as most unknown things are. But I've also recently started trying to live my life less stressed out and with less regrets. Easier said than done, I know.

But I firmly believe that it's important to not view things in life with a lens of regret or fear (or a fear of regret). Mistakes from the past are learning experiences that we can use to make better decisions in the future and ultimately grow us as people. Scary, uncertain futures aren't scary at all; instead they are exciting bubbles of potential for you to do anything with your life.

It's hard to view life that way all the time, and I certainly still slip back into my old viewpoint. But I've noticed that the times I do view life with this more positive outlook, the less anxious and stressed I've been (or so my therapist says).

When I face challenges and trials now, I can trust that it either means I have an important lesson to learn or that there is a good thing waiting just around the corner. After all, nothing of value in life ever comes free or without some hard work.

So whether it's the time for classes to start, a rough patch at work, or some other personal things, try to look for the silver linings and hold on.

(I would like to add however: it is very important to seek outside help and support. Unfortunately, you can't go through life alone with just a 'can-do' attitude. Taking steps like confiding in loved ones or a therapist, praying to God/practicing your preferred religion, or even just spending time outside for fresh air and Vitamin D are all ways to maintain a good mental health and happy, healthy life for when things are hard.)

So to whoever needs to hear this: You've got this! Believe in yourself!

Love y'all!

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