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Count to Ten...

It's happened to all of us.

You'll be going about your day like normal; maybe you're preparing for a big meeting, taking a hot girl walk through nature, or scrambling to finish a last minute assignment. You get everything done that you need to and are feeling like the day will be a fairly good one.

And then you run into that person.

I'm sure everyone is picturing at least one person right now that for some reason or another just finds all the wrong ways to push your buttons.

It could be the person who brags and jokes about slacking off on a project while you've been going above and beyond to finish it.

It could be the person who talks over everyone else like they always have something more important to say than the person currently speaking.

Or it could just be the person who is "oblivious" to how some of their negative actions impact everyone else around them and are incapable of taking advice and constructive criticism.

Whatever their thing is, at least once in your life you'll have to face this type of acquaintance, student or coworker. And in group oriented settings, it can be frustrating to interact with someone like this, especially if multiple people and bosses have called them out on their less-than-stellar behavior, yet they continue to act up.

So what to do to keep from making a scene the next time you're interrupted mid-sentence or watch as your ideas are loudly proclaimed as someone else's?

As cliche as it is, staying calm and being the bigger person is the best way to go. Try:

Taking a deep breath.

Counting to ten.

Focusing on your own tasks (this can also include ignoring the person if they're intentionally trying to distract you or make you slip up)

And if it comes down to it- call them out.

As a rule, try to assume that people who have this much of a lack of awareness aren't trying intentionally to act this way (some are but at that point there isn't much to be done). If you can stay calm and confront them, it will do a whole lot more good than waiting until your feelings bubble up and explode with anger.

Plus, if you and multiple others point out someone's disruptive behavior, it decreases their ability to get away with it without looking like an a**hole.

It can be frustrating working with people who don't care about their job or assignments as much as you, but try to work hard for yourself. At the end of the day, the way you shine will far outweigh your peers' slacking off.

And just remember: Karma & all that.

Love y'all!

Job 4:8 "As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same."

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