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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

It's another Monday, which for most people means returning to work and coming back to reality after the weekend break. The day is usually filled with grumblings, lots of coffee and a desire for it to be Friday already (or at least the evening just to go back to sleep). The days blur and before you know it, it's once again the weekend. A lot of people I know try to cram their weekend with either social plans, binge watching shows or sleeping in for most of the day. Regardless of what they do, it's an attempt to catch up on all the things they wanted to do during the week and trying to cram it into a day or two before the Sunday Scaries hit and it's Monday all over again.

Repeat cycle.

If this sounds familiar, then you're in good company because I've definitely been here. It's an exhausting way to live, not to mention monotonous after a while. But despite the tiredness and stress of trying to do everything all at once, people throughout all ages of life fall into this trap. Students, parents, employees, whoever all seem to have the mindset of that popular song "Working for The Weekend".

Now listen, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your weekend or days off. I love my Fridays as much as anyone else, but I also don't want to only feel like I can truly have fun on three days (technically two and a half) out of a seven day week. By that logic, you have five whole days to push through before you can "have fun and relax".

Five days a week of just functioning on autopilot? Is that seriously what life is about?

I say no.

I think most people would say no, or at least want to live in a world where that isn't the case. So why does it feel like it is until you can ~finally~ retire? Why can't we enjoy life now, regardless of what day it is or how old we are?

It feels like a lot of how our culture functions is work, work, work before anything else. We're encouraged to wear our sleep deprivation and overwhelmingly busy schedule like a badge of honor, and feel a silent pressure to be the busiest person in the room. Business=success. If you're moving, then you can work more, right? Just make sure that when you suffer from burn-out or anxiety, you hide it so no one knows that you're having to decrease your workload just to function.

Personally? That sounds like a terrible way to live.

Humans weren't created to spend 8+ hours in a fluorescent lit, windowless room hunched over a desk and staring at a screen or papers. They weren't created to face verbal and sometimes physical abuse from entitled, angry customers at a minimum wage level. And they certainly weren't created to feel guilt when taking a break or having to call out sick.

The Bible says to work for the glory of God, not mankind. Regardless of your beliefs, don't you agree that a loving Creator would be horrified at the concept of working yourself into a state of anxiety and tears just for a paycheck? There's a whole, beautiful world to explore. People to love and be with.

It's okay to take breaks. It's okay to take time off and enjoy your life. Work is not what we were made for.

You were made for so much more.

Love y'all!

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