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It's Never Too Late

Everyone is born a dreamer.

Or at least everyone I've ever met has been born one.

Most people find some sense of their dreams in childhood. Whether it's a child with a bright imagination turning into a writer or artist, a tree climber becoming an adult who scales Mount Everest, or a wannabe superhero who becomes a life-saving nurse, most children have a specific dream or trait that eventually becomes their adult goals.

But as we all know, life can throw a curveball at us. We can find ourselves drifting farther away from the person we thought we would be, and away from the life and dreams we wanted. And sure, sometimes change is necessary and healthy. Life would be super boring if we didn't grow at least a little bit throughout the years.

Unfortunately, healthy change doesn't seem to be the main reason people give up on their dreams.

Most people I know who once had a dream and have "forgotten" about it all tell some version of the same story. Their life got busy, too busy to focus on their goals, even if it was something they really really wanted. One way or another, when they did decide to try again, they fed into the lies that they weren't good enough, that they didn't have enough time, or that it was too late.

I feel like a lot of us have things we want to do, but we're afraid that it's too late to start now.

But honestly? That's such a dumb way of thinking about things.

There's no time limit on the goals and dreams you have. As long as even a spark of that drive is still there, and you're still breathing, then it's not too late. Don't let your internal fears or external judgments of others stop you from living the life you want.

It's your life.

It's your timeline.

You are fully capable of taking control of your life and living the way you want now. And more importantly, you deserve to live the life you want. Take the plunge of thinking about what you truly want from this one, crazy awesome life.

Even one step towards fulfilling your dreams is progress. So why not start today?

Love y'all!

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