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Still Learning

I am happy to announce that over this past weekend, I adopted a puppy from the local Humane Society. He's just as energetic and chaotic as you could expect from an almost 2-month old Jack Russell mix, and then some. And as with all puppies, the process of housebreaking, crate training, and helping him understand that the older dogs do not want to play all the time means he is learning a lot of things, almost twenty-four seven.

But, considering his size and his age (and the very short attention span he barely has), some things he's had to learn more than once. More than twice.

And some things he's still having to learn even after what feels like the fiftieth time of teaching him that lesson (toes are not chew toys, Poe).

I can relate to that. The learning a lesson repeatedly thing, I mean, not the other thing.

As I'm getting older, more independent and a very tiny bit more comfortable with the adult world and it's vast responsibilities, I too feel like there are things I'm having to learn over and over. Now, learning things about the world around us isn't new, we've been having to learn and grow and adapt since birth. From the first steps to the first time driving a car, we go through our whole lives learning new skills.

But it feels like in the 'adult world', we are still expected to 'learn' but not in a way that makes us look like we need help. The general gist of growing up is that you'll become a capable, independent adult who can handle the struggles of life competently and know what to do. That's what we believed as children at least. So many of my friends and people I know all agree that, as children, we all thought our parents and other adults knew everything. And sure they know a lot, like don't play with a fork near an electrical outlet, but they're still people.

And people don't know everything.

People are always learning. And more often than not, people are learning the same lesson multiple times.

I know I am.

But it can be easy to forget this. As we age and see our peers grow in their own lives that seem wonderful and put together, especially on social media, it can be easy to focus on our own shortcomings and learned lessons and start to wonder why we just can't get it.

Why can't I learn how to keep a budget?

Why can't I learn to find a healthy partner or spouse?

Why can't I learn how to overcome this addiction?

Whatever your 'why' is, just know that everyone has one. From the most put-together, Martha Stewart level influencer to the just barely hanging-on person, everyone has a lesson they are struggling to learn. It can be a lesson no one else around them has ever had to learn or it can be something that feels like it should be so easy to grasp. Regardless, it's okay to learn at your own pace.

Your life is your life.

No one else is going to live it for you, which means no one else will have to learn the exact same things you do. It's okay to go slow like a tortoise or speed through like a hare-- either way you're learning and growing at your own pace.

We give babies, puppies and kittens grace when it comes to learning 'simple lessons', even if they keep messing it up. So if you're willing to encourage a baby to keep going after they fail to walk on the tenth try, or are still patient and kind to a puppy that has another accident in the house because he doesn't understand where the 'outside potty' is, then try being encouraging, patient and kind to yourself.

It's okay to have to learn a lesson more than once. We're human, and we make mistakes. And that's perfectly alright.

Love y'all!

Bonus: Poe saying you can do it

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