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(Un)Qualified-- a Sneak Peek

Hello loves!

As some of y'all might know, I've been on a cruise this past week (100/10 would recommend visiting Alaska). It was so much fun, but because of all the time changes, I'm feeling a bit jet-lagged today.

I'll pick up the Unlocking Your Potential Series on Wednesday, but for today I thought I'd share something kind of different (but hopefully still fun for y'all!)

In my last semester of grad school, I made a podcast with one of my closest friends & a true queen, Davy Grace McGuirt. The podcast looks at life post-graduation and dealing with job applications, imposter syndrome, and more adult struggles that a lot of us face. I thought it would be fun to share on this blog just for y'all to be able to hear!

(If you want more information on the episode or to read the transcript, click here).


Love y'all!

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