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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

With the start of November, the busy rush of the holiday season is not far behind.

Cooking delicious foods, preparing homes for visiting family and friends, and purchasing gifts are just a few of the tasks on people's minds as the cluster of holidays approach. There are a ton of things to look forward to about the holiday season. I, for one, am excited for watching the Thanksgiving day parade and dog show before eating a good dinner, decorating Christmas trees and watching Hallmark movies.

Others look forward to their own Holiday traditions, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or many more. But winter always brings busyness.

There's nothing wrong with busyness. A lot of people are busy from jobs, family, school, etc. It's a normal part of life and some people even enjoy being busy and feeling like they've used every second of their day.

However, the problem with being too busy, especially during the Holidays, is how easy it is to get sucked up in it.

A lot of the busyness with the holidays is based on the self-inflicted pressure to make everything perfect: the perfect turkey, the perfect decorations, the perfect gifts, the perfect outfit. Most people I know strive to make every year the best holiday ever. And while that's a good goal, it's also a huge challenge.

And sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in making this the ~best Holiday ever~ that we lose sight of what truly matters & what the Holidays are truly about:

Family. Connections. Love.

The Holiday season isn't a time to make your house cooler than everyone else's, Lampoon Christmas Vacation style, and it isn't a time to one-up your siblings with the best gift for your parents.

It's a time to refocus on the people who are important in your life, a time to show love with gifts, sure, but also with spending time together. For religious holidays, it's a time to get in touch with your faith and be close with God and feel loved.

It may sound sound cheesy and Hallmarky of me to say, but the holidays are for giving and receiving love.

So be busy, and get that perfect tree or perfect gift, but don't forget who you're doing it for.

Love y'all!

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